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House Rules of Härmati Holiday House

Check-in from  15:00 or by agreement
Check-out by  12:00

Please inform us in advance of your time of arrival!

1) When leaving, please make sure that the rooms are in order and in the same condition as they were on your arrival
2) Please remove outdoor footwear when entering the Holiday House
3) Please refrain from throwing things in the sanitation piping that may result in clogging
4) Burning of packaging materials in the fireplace is forbidden
5) Smoking is NOT ALLOWED in the Holiday House! There are smoking areas on the terrace and in the yard, near the ashtrays
6) Use of open fire in the Holiday House is forbidden (candles, etc.)
7) Do not through rubbish on the territory of the Holiday House (Empty bottles, cigarette butts, etc.) ; 
8) Customers should put their rubbish into the rubbish bins installed by the renters
9) The hotel accepts no liability for guests swimming in the river or taking boat trips
10) Guests with children are asked not to leave the children unattended, especially near the river!
11) All damage, malfunctions, etc. should be reported to representatives of the Holiday House at once. In case of deficiencies, please present your complaint to a representative of the Holiday House immediately
12) The provider of the accommodation service, or an authorised person, has the right to inspect the rooms before you leave
13) Cleaning service can be ordered from the Holiday House; prices are indicated in the Pricelist
14) When leaving the Holiday House, please make sure the doors are locked and windows shut
15) Parking is only allowed in designated places on the territory of the Holiday House
16) In the event of losing keys or not returning them upon leaving, you are liable for the changing of locks. The fee for a lost key is 150 EUR
17) Please use the property of the Holiday House in good faith and use the furniture, rooms and kitchen equipment of the Holiday House according to their intended use. In case of breaking the rules, the renter has the right to claim a fine of up to 100 EUR
18) In case of not using the property of the Holiday House in good faith (destroying, damaging, spoiling or losing property), you will be liable to compensate for damages on the basis of a respective repairs or purchase invoice. The fee for every broken dish is 5 EUR.

19) Please be economical with electricity, i.e. turn off the lights and switch off electronic devices when leaving a room.

20) Quiet time in the residential district from 23:00 - 8:00 

21) Pets are only allowed by prior arragnement.

1) Items left unattended by the customer

2) Complaints that were not presented immediately after discovering the deficieny
3) Cars left in the car park
4) Various accidents that may occur as a result of violating the house rules
1) Arrange delivery of the keys at the agreed time
2) Keep paid bookings
1) Do not use open fire in the Holiday House
2) Smoking is forbidden in the Holiday House
3) When arriving at the Holiday House, get acquainted with the closest evacuation passages and the location of emergency devices
4) Switch off all powered equipment when leaving a room
5) In case of fire, report it immediately to the Rescue Service Emergency Centre at 112 as well as to the provider of the accommodation service: +372 56 561561
6) If you cannot put out the fire yourself, close all windows, leave the room, close the door and walk to the nearest exit
7) If you use the barbecue, please keep it at least 10 m away from the house. The barbecue should be constantly monitored and, after use, all coals must be allowed to burn to the end, or be extinguished with water or sand
8) Making a fire is allowed only at the designated fire site