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When you are already spending a holiday at Saaremaa, why not take a practical course in makeup as well! 
Courses by Reet or Loore Härmat
Max number of participants: 6. Course duration: 3h. Cost: 40 EUR/person.
A 50% discount on the make-up course for customers of the Holiday House!
1. Skin care and an intoduction to makeup equipment. 

2. Various types of foundation, choosing and applying them according to the skin type and hue. 

3. Analysis of face shapes and applying rouge according to the face shape. 

4. Modelling a perfect brow shape. 

5. Differnet lip shapes and choosing the right colour of lipstick. 

6. Light daytime makeup and finding suitable tones for your eye shape and colour . 

7. Eye-makeup for the evening, applying smokey eyes and glamour makeup step by step. Choice of eye shadows, dispersation technique, drawing an eyeliner. 


Engaging disabled people or people with special needs in the activities shared by others is a fully normal and decent thing to do. A disabled person may not be able to manage everything by themselves, but who of us does not want to feel fully appreciated? I want to engage people in the field where I feel most competent.
I believe that people, especially women, need beauty services from time to time. But practice shows that not everyone dares ask for advice, as they are afraid to show their ignorance or unable to verbalise their needs. The Härmati Training Centre wants to be a pioneer here, and that's why disabled persons and groups are especially welcome in our Holiday House, to learn new things about how to care for one's looks. It feels good, after all, to be happy with yourself, and get all the attention you want. Be it in the family circle, with your friends, at work or just by yourself.
We are happy that the Härmati Training Centre is starting at a time that is significant for disabled people. 2016 will be the year of the Working Ability Reform, and 2015 is a year of preparation. Lots of disabled people cannot come to the employment market, because good looks is one of the essential prerequisites for finding employment in today's society. Post-operation scars, various types of skin damage, diabetes or psoriasis scars on nails, hair that is damaged or falling out - this is but a small list of where beauty services can help and tune your looks so that you won't have to feel uncomfortable when leaving home.
The Härmati Training Centre has a number of exciting plans in cooperation with the Saaremaa Chamber of Disabled People, on how to make the life of a disabled person more interesting and help integrate them better with society.
We also offer various courses for pupils with special needs in cooperation with the school of Kallemäe - e.g. makeup and cooking courses. Nature trails and fishing on the Nasva, as well as cooking courses, are available for the boys so they won't feel bored either.